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May 24, 2008

Shinhwa, So Good!

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We’re almost half-way through the calendar year, and guess which Korean lovelies top the album charts so far?

That’s right, it’s the daddies of K-pop, Shinhwa! Their 10th Anniversary album, released in April is leading the way with 96,320 units shifted so far. Not bad.

In second place is Epik High’s “Pieces, Vol. One”, having sold 54, 227 copies. And don’t you just KNOW that it’s killing Tablo. After his recent outburst condeming the download culture that exists among Korean netizens (and, to be fair, the rest of the world) this is not what he wants to hear. I don’t doubt that twice as many copies of “Pieces” have been “aquired” and while Tablo is not childish enough to be concerned with oneupmanship against Shinhwa, these figues must grate…

Nonetheless, well done to Shinhwa. They’ve put the work in all these years, it’s good to see them keep going strong.


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